"Heather was the most organized member of our team, initiating timelines and task lines to make sure that we stayed on target. I very highly recommend Heather Matranga as a team member. Her vision, ideas and strategies make for projects that are powerful and memorable."

Judi Shils, Director
Search for the Cause




Client List

Aging Solutions (in collaboration with MIGHTYminnow)
Barlean's Organic Oils (with Axion Design)
Big Boing
Blue River Interactive
Diabetes Education Online, University of California, San Francisco
(in collaboration with MIGHTYminnow)
Dial Corporation
Folio 2 Design
Free Media Group - TODO Monthly
Giles Communications
Hornitos Tequila (in collaboration with Ammo Marketing)
Imperial Tobacco Limited, Canada (in collaboration with Axion Design)
MBA Nonprofit Connection (in collaboration with MIGHTYminnow)
Monster Lab Audio
Philippe Becker Design
R. Nichelini Winery (with Axion Design)
Raphael House Family Shelter
(in collaboration with MIGHTYminnow)
San Francisco Food Bank (with Taproot Foundation)
Science & Education Partnership, University of California, San Francis
(in collaboration with MIGHTYminnow)

Steam Cuisine by Taylor Fresh (in collaboration with Ammo Marketing)
Teens for Safe Cosmetics Campaign
Yahoo! (in collaboration with Ammo Marketing)
Zukor Entertainment (in collaboration with Zooka Creative)


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