“I have worked with Heather on MANY projects where she did project management, web site architecture and content editing. She is smart, fun to work with, respectful of others' opinions and a quick study. I highly recommend her in any of those areas and as a general girl friday. She is very capable and motivated and I respect her immensely.”

Kristin Long, Owner, MIGHTYminnow




About Us

I started Spark in 2006 with a little dream of doing my own thing - of bringing my best skills, individuality, and work ethic to the table, and making that my life's foundation. I couldn't think of a name more fitting than Spark.

I also work in collaboration with several marketing and web development companies. I've featured a few of them here. Learn more about their fantastic work!


MIGHTYminnow is a strategic and incredibly fluid Web development agency born from the mindset that the Internet is the most efficient and accessible communications tool available. Combining business savvy, strategic creativity, and the latest in technological methodologies, MIGHTYminnow works with corporations and non-profits to transform messages into opportunities for action. The Web is the most accessible information point about your organization‹we can help you make the most of it.

Blue River

Blue River Interactive Group is a full-service interactive agency founded in 2004. We build websites and design online products that help companies connect with their audiences, simplify business processes and improve bottom-line results.

Heather Axtell Matranga


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